[mythtv-users] Using database backup as starting point for new backend

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Sun Oct 27 00:16:26 UTC 2019

> On Oct 26, 2019, at 4:45 PM, James Abernathy <jfabernathy at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 10/26/19 3:58 PM, David Hampton wrote:
>> On Sat, 2019-10-26 at 15:41 -0400, James Abernathy wrote:
>>> So I have a production mythtv backend called “mythbuntu”.  I have a
>>> new backend built on a Raspberry Pi 4 on the same network. It’s name
>>> is “raspberrypi”.  I’m wanting to parallel test these systems for a
>>> few months with the same recording rules to see how the RP4 performs.
>>> “mythbuntu” has Hauppauge WinTV Quad tuners and “raspberrypi” has
>>> HDHR Quatro tuners. So in theory they both should record the same
>>> programs since all tuners are on the same antenna.
>>> I started by taking a database backup of mythbuntu and restoring it
>>> on raspberrypi. I also copied all the recordings over to raspberrypi.
>>> I had some problems cleaning up the changes needed on raspberrypi to
>>> General, Tuners, and input connections.
>>> There was some problem with the master backend settings because it
>>> wanted to setup raspberrypi as a slave off of mythbuntu. I got that
>>> fixed and both backends showed the same recordings and schedules for
>>> future recordings.
>>> SO my current issue is, I tried to look for problems on raspberrypi
>>> with find_orphans.py. It seemed to show duplicate entries and files
>>> on both mythbuntu and raspberrypi. I don’t know if this was an issue
>>> on just the database on raspberrypi or was find_orphans looking on
>>> the network at both backends?
>>> I ended up deleting a lot of recordings on the raspberrypi I didn’t
>>> want deleted so I’m going to have to repeat the process.  Any advice
>>> on what I should have done???
>> One of the columns in the recorded table is the hostname where the
>> recording lives.  Did you update this field?
>> The best way to change hostnames is with the mythconverg_restore.pl
>> script.  Restore the database on the new system, and then run the
>> script again with different arguments:
>>     mythconverg_restore.pl \
>>       --change_hostname \
>>       --old_hostname="XXXX" \
>>       --new_hostname="YYYY"
>> I did this a while back.  I can't remember whether or not I had your
>> problem of the new backend trying to find the old backend.
>> David
> That sounds like what I need to do differently.  I'll test tomorrow morning before my recordings start.
> Thanks
> Jim A

I redid the copy of the recordings and the database. The database restore worked fine, but the —change_hostname failed due to some uses on raspberrypi in the database somewhere. I didn’t understand it so I chose to rename the system host and hostname entries to rpi-mythtv.  Then the —change_hostname worked.

I exposed some other Raspbian buster issues related to boot up waiting for networking affecting lxpanel and mythtv-backend. I’m going to work that issue in another topic.

Jim A

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