[mythtv-users] partial restore of database from backup

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 14:59:06 UTC 2019

Like many I do daily backup of my mythtv database. However, I've only 
used that backup when building a new setup of hardware that will 
hopefully be doing the same function as the old one, once the database 
is restored and the recordings copied to the right directories.

What I'm doing now is different and not sure if the saved database can 
help.  I'm build an additional mythtv backend that will be used to 
record some of the same programs but it started with a clean database. 
Both backends are set to record for example "NCIS". My main backend has 
been recording those since the beginning of the series so when a rerun 
comes on it will not record it again because it once recorded it long 
ago, even though it's been watch and deleted.

The new backend will recorded it because it has no history.  Some of the 
reruns are not tagged as such and using that record flag doesn't solve 
the problem.

So my question is, can I export the record history of a program or all 
programs from one backend to another so the new backend will not waste 
time recording something that's already be seen?

I know that there are easy ways to just delete the recording, but I'm 
curious if this can be done.

There are several reasons I want to do this, but one is I want to avoid 
my wife deleting a program we both watch that I have not seen yet. The 
"watched" icon doesn't always get noticed by her.

Jim A

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