[mythtv-users] Verizon Fiosw/ Ceton Infinitv 6 eth issues?

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 14:55:52 UTC 2019

On 10/14/19 12:39 AM, Marc Tousignant wrote:
> Looking for anyone who is using a ceton Infinitv 6 ETH with Verizon 
> FIOS Cable Card.
> I just had them perform an install yesterday, switching me from 
> Comcast Xfinity over to Verizon Fios.
> My setup has been pretty solid for years, running the Ceton 6 ETH 
> tuner with a Comcast CableCard. Able to record multiple channels at a 
> time without issues.
> However, now that I have switched to Verizon and their CableCard, 
> multiple captures are having issues.
> I’m seeing multiple issues:
> Issue 1: If there are 2 back to back recordings on the same channel 
> that are setup with a 2 min buffer (starts early/ends late), the 
> second one prematurely ends the first one. They are recording on 
> different tuners, so there should not be any conflict.
> Issue 2: If I have an hour long recording starting at 9pm, and a 30 
> min recording starting on another channel at 9:30, when the 30 min 
> recording starts. The hour long one stops. They are also on different 
> tuners. So no conflict should happen.
> Interestingly, the myth backend reports that it is still recording the 
> file, even though I no longer see it saving to the disk. So the issue 
> is in either the Verizon CableCard, or the Ceton Infinitv 6 ETH. But, 
> because Ceton took down their site, I cannot check if I have the 
> latest firmware for the device.
I suspect your tuners are set up wrongly. In mythtv-setup, Capture 
Cards, there should be 6 entries set up. Each tuner should have a 
different tuner number, from 0 to 5. If you have more than one tuner set 
up with the same tuner number, I would expect the symptom you are seeing.

If that does not solve it - some more suggestions -

One problem these devices have is running out of memory over time. I use 
a script to reboot the device once a week. Have you tried rebooting the 

The other thing to do is look at the ceton log. Use http://[ip address], 
click the Log link at the top. Bear in mind the dates and times in the 
log are not correct, they reset to Jan 1 when the ceton is booted up. 
You should see a bunch of messages every time a recording starts. You 
should see them recording on different tuners.

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