[mythtv-users] rpi3 deinterlacer advanced(hw)

Tim Draper veehexx at zoho.com
Sun Oct 13 09:06:16 UTC 2019

i've updated from stretch to buster raspbian on my rpi3's and been going through ensuring mythfe is all happy.

probably one for Peter; mythfrontend wont start as it moans about hdhomerub.so.4 missing. Manually installed libhdhomerun4 package and all is good. missed dependancy on your buster mythtv-light? i dont have or ever had a hdhomerunner so assuming mythtv-light has been compiled with this requirement.

back to the main issue. Deinterlacer doesnt appear to be working right for me. I found this old thread (https://forum.mythtv.org/viewtopic.php?t=2176) saying it was broken but now resolved and to revert back to advanced(HW). i'm seeing the playback flicker between the two interlaced frames. typically ok for tv shows, but things like some of the channel graphic overlay, result tables (WRC) or the mythtv playback OSD are affected.
I'm currently using Linear Blend deinterlacer which stops the issue but i guess i've either got something wrong with both of my rpi3's, or theres an issue with the AdvancedHW deinterlacer again.

anyone seeing this issue on their rpi3's?

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