[mythtv-users] VU+ HDTV Receiver as IPTV Tuner

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Sat Oct 5 02:06:16 UTC 2019

On Fri, 4 Oct 2019 19:02:34 +0200 (GMT+02:00), you wrote:

>> That certainly sounds like your problem.  But it requires MariaDB
>> version 10.4.  Is that what you have installed in your Docker
>Yes, 10.4.8.
>> container?  If so, then you need to downgrade it to version 10.3 or
>> below. 
>Will try to set up an 10.3 Container and migrate the data.
>MariaDB major Version downgrades are not supported ...

MythTV makes it fairly easy though.  Just run mythconverg_backup.pl
(found in /usr/share/mythtv) to backup the mythconverg database from
the original container.  That will not backup your users and their
"GRANT" settings, but will handle everything else.  To see your
MariaDB users, you need to run the "mysql" program as root (not with
user root, but as the root user):

sudo mysql

Then you can do a query like this to see all your users:

use mysql;
select user,host from user;

Then, for each of those user/host pairs, do a "show grants" command
like this:

show grants for root at localhost;

and keep a copy of the results.

When your new container is set up, you then need to add back in each
user/host pair, and run the GRANT commands that show grants displayed
for that user/host pair.  I am not sure if that also restores the
passwords, as I have not actually ever done this procedure, but the
hashed version of the password is in the IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD phrase
of the GRANT USAGE commands, so I hope that is all that is needed.

Then you need to create a new mythconverg database.  Probably the
easiest way to do that is to run mythtv-setup (or mythtv-setup.real).
There is no need to do any actual configuration of MythTV - all you
want mythtv-setup to do is create the database.  That may mean you
have to do minimal configuration of the hostname and IP addresses to
get it to do that - mythtv-setup has changed quite a bit since I last
set up a database from scratch.

Then you can use mythconverg_restore.pl to restore your old database
into the new container.  All tables of the mythconverg database should
be DROPped and reCREATEd by doing that, so the data created by running
mythtv-setup will all be overwritten.  However, there is some
background setup of the mythconverg database that is not present in
the backup file that does necessitate having run mythtv-setup first.
That relates to default settings for collating sequences and things
like that.  And actually creating the database, of course.

It may also be possible to create the new mythconverg database by
doing this:

sudo mysql
source /usr/share/mythtv/sql/mc.sql

But I am not sure if the mc.sql file is being maintained properly
since the Mythbuntu distro went away, so it is, I think, better to get
mythtv-setup to create it as its code is definitely being maintained.

>The version of MariaDB that I have in Ubuntu 18.04 is 10.1.41,
>> which will be why other people are not seeing the same problem - the
>> versions of MariaDB installed by default in the operating systems they
>> are using are too old to have the bug.
>the early bird catches the bug ;)

Sadly, yes.  At least someone else was kind enough to file a bug
report for you to find.

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