[mythtv-users] No STB channels on Live TV after adding HDHR

Klaas de Waal klaas.de.waal at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 20:58:48 UTC 2019

> >>>
> >>> Since installing a HDHR as a second tuner (in addition to my HDPVR that
> >>> is recording from the STB) I am only getting OTA channels on "Live TV."
> >>> The STB channels still show on the program guide and I can record them, but
> >>> they won't play on live TV.
> >>>
> >>> Can anyone suggest how to troubleshoot this?
> >>>

Assuming that you have created separate Video Sources for the HDHR/OTA
and the HDPVR/STB could it be that you have channels that are present
in both Video Sources? This can give a confusing situation. It then
depends on tuner priorities which tuner/video source is selected
first. You can use the tuner priorities to get predictable behavior.

If you start Live TV from the guide you can select any channel from
the guide. However, when you are playing Live TV then can only select
another channel that is on the same tuner / the same Video Source.
This happens when you do the Channel Up or Down when playing Live TV.
>From the Live TV you can change tuner with:  M(enu), Select Source,
Select Switch Input, Select another tuner

As already mentioned, if you press M(enu) while on a program in the
guide you get a popup menu with "Watch Channel". If you press Enter
you only get the "Watch Channel" if the program that you have selected
is now playing.
However, if there is no tuner available then you never get the "Watch
Channel". This happens when the tuner is already in use for a

Hope this helps!

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