[mythtv-users] Two MythTV systems on same subnet - am I asking for trouble?

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 12:29:33 UTC 2019

Hi Tony!

> I am getting a bunch of problems having separate masters on the same subnet LAN, mostly around uPnP I suspect. Rapidly reaching the conclusion I am asking for trouble and may have to try a different approach, such as putting them on different subnets until it?s done. Don?t really want to do that, because firstly it?s a pain, but secondly my NAS is on the LAN and it will make things quite difficult without it.

Definitely doable: I did it here with two separate Backends, both 
running version 0.28.  And yes, as Stephen said, go to version 30.  
(Note the '0.' has been dropped.)

The 'key' to two independent systems is the passwords: keep them 
different.  You will have one set of Frontends able to look at one 
Backend and and the other set at the second Backend.

Side Note: There may be a script available to switch a Frontend from 
looking at one Backend to the other.  Before finding out about that I 
had sort of written one which swapped in the alternate config.xml file: 
that worked fine but I had to manually configure the audio settings.  In 
the one room where we watched both systems I just added a Raspberry Pi.


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