[mythtv-users] Two MythTV systems on same subnet - am I asking for trouble?

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Sun Jun 23 08:03:49 UTC 2019



My current Myth frontend and backend are both 0.25. So long over due for upgrade but don’t fancy iterative upgrade and anyways Fedora 18 is so out of support it’s not funny.


Plan is setup a 0.29 server, get it working, iron out the kinks and move the recordings from the old system to the new. I think that is a reasonable plan.


I am getting a bunch of problems having separate masters on the same subnet LAN, mostly around uPnP I suspect. Rapidly reaching the conclusion I am asking for trouble and may have to try a different approach, such as putting them on different subnets until it’s done. Don’t really want to do that, because firstly it’s a pain, but secondly my NAS is on the LAN and it will make things quite difficult without it.


I have tried Googling about this but again not much out there for this strategy.


So, am I simply asking for trouble or should I be turning of uPnP somehow ? If the answer is yes, you are asking for trouble, then I will make other plans, hope not, but rather know now 😊


Any thoughts appreciated.



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