[mythtv-users] Videos in database not appearing in UI

Dave Badia dbadia at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 23:12:29 UTC 2019

Hi list -
Been looking at this for a few days to no avail.
I've used the FE Video function for many years to scan my MBE hard drive
using mythutil --scanvideos and have a cron job that runs in the background.

Every so often, *some* directories just don't show up in the UI.  I can see
them on disk and in the videometadata table in mysql.  File permissions are
identical to the videos that do show up.  This happened this week.  Was
watching a video on Monday night, come back a few days later and the wife
reports that "it's gone".  The only changes during that time was to move an
old linux FE to a fire stick 4k (different FE from where the issue

FWIW, I see the exact same output when I go into the Myth WebFrontent on my
MBE IP (Videos -> Video Gallery).  Given that, it does not appear to be a
FE specific issue.

MBE is 30 fixes (just upgraded to b9c1b41a6c today on the MBE) , FE are
Fire Stick 4ks

I don't mind digging into code, debugging, etc, but I'm not quite sure
where to start

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