[mythtv-users] Translator Station Recording Question – Ch 4 and 47

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 15:52:53 UTC 2019

Have a temporary OTA reception problem and haven’t been able to figure 
out the solution. Locally there is a channel on RF 4 (US – VHF band) 
with transmitter issues; they have a repeater/translator at RF 47 (UHF). 
I am able to receive both stations and while they are repairing their 
main site (RF 4) I would like to concurrently record from their 
secondary site (RF 47), so record both stations. The problem is I am 
only able to have automatic recordings from Ch 4; with their 
intermittent transmitter problems I’d like to be able to record both 
stations. (I’m fringe to Ch 47, so some pixelation, which is why I don’t 
want to to ‘switch’ permanently to the translator/repeater station.)

Have tried setting recordings for “this channel only” on both the Ch 4 
and Ch 47 listings, in Schedule Recordings, ignore duplicates. Worked 
for one recording rule but not a second.

And not sure if this has something to do with things but the Programme 
Guide (the grid display option) only displays about 25-26 hours in 
advance while 4 and all the other stations display 13 days out (thanks 
to SchedulesDirect). There is no listing available for Ch 47 on SD, I 
patched in the XMLTV ID.

If additional technical information needed may be at the Wikipedia 
article at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WHBF-TV



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