[mythtv-users] BE3 - Issues with installation and database

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Sun Jun 2 17:48:04 UTC 2019

Hi Stephen!

Think I may have found something as to shy the (Raspberry Pi) Frontend 
isn’t able to obtain the video files from the Backend ==> the “Can’t 
start playback TV Player Failed to open remote file 
mytht://backend-3/<file number>.ts” error. The entire /home/barry/Mythtv 
directory where I have the recordings (*.ts) files, banners, coverart, 
and other directories seems to have an odd Permissions display:

Owner (blank!) Create and delete

Group Mythtv Create and delete

Others (nothing -never is) Access files

I’ve always seen ‘somebody’ (usually root or me) as owner.

Also, and a bit of good news is I was able to access the Backend from my 
(no MythTV) computer to Backend-3: Unable to connect Unable to connect Waiting for…. Tab title: “MythTV WebFrontend” and display as 

Turned on (loaded FE at BE3 and now at bottom is:

“Frontend Status

“Backend-3 idle”


Even when FE playing a show!

Not quite sure what any of this is telling us but figured worthwhile.


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