[mythtv-users] Prefering a tuner while avoiding conflicts

DryHeat122 . dryheat122 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 04:43:25 UTC 2019

I recently added a HDHR OTA tuner (#2) to my existing HDPVR tuner (#1) that
records from a cable set-top box.

There is channel overlap between the tuners.  But #2 is not as reliable as
#1, so I would always prefer to record from #1.  However I also want to
fall back to #2 in cases where it would resolve recording conflicts on #1.

Is it possible to set things up this way for any show that airs on #1 &
#2?  I've hunted around on the recording rules menus, have tried a few rule
configurations, but am still not getting the desired result.
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