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Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Tue Feb 26 10:25:59 UTC 2019

On Tue, 26 Feb 2019 12:44:57 +0800, you wrote:

>Hi All
>There has been some discussion about the scheduler here is a real example and I ask for any suggestions as to how I should have sheduled it:
>First the EPG *exactly* showed what was showing.
>Q&A might have showed on any or any combination of the ABCs 4 muxes at about this time,
>For that reason ‘This Channel’ and ‘This Channel and time’ filters are not relevant.
>I have one rule ‘Any Time and Any Channel’ with filter ‘First Showing’
>The actual recordings were:
>Q&A ABC 9:39 PM
>Q&A ABC HD 9:37 PM
>All cute except HDhomerun will only record 1 stream per channel. This used 2 channels and due to overlap on other recordings a minor showing was not scheduled to record (RED confict) until I manually set one Q&A to ‘Don’t record’ which resolved the conflict.
>What springs to mind is FOUR rules each saying Q&A ‘this channel’ ‘first showing’ but just to stirr the sub-title may be changed eg
>‘this week Teri Butler 
>‘a weekly panel disussion 
>‘a show that puts you at 
>‘One showing each week’ would really help
>But I don’t want to massage the schedule every day.


Without having a copy of the EPG data it is hard to tell exactly what
the problem is, but my guess is that it is the usual problem - bad EPG
data.  Ideally, the EPG data will be like this example from New
Zealand's Choice TV channel:

        <programme channel="choice.freeviewnz.tv"
start="20190305153000 +1300" stop="20190305163000 +1300">
                <title>Birds of Paradise: The Ultimate Quest</title>
                <desc>Frank Gardner has always dreamed of seeing birds
of paradise. Frank and Benedict Allen journey across some of Earth’s
most inhospitable terrain, both haunted by brutal memories from their
                <rating system="Freeview">

This contains a unique ID for the programme in the "episode-num"
section.  When a repeat of this programme airs, it will have this same
ID again and MythTV will understand it is the same and not record it.
Without such data, MythTV has to fall back to checking the subtitle
and description data and make a decision based on that and which of
those fields you have told it to look at.  But often that data
changes, even between two playings of the same programme on the same
channel the same week.

If you actually want to record just once a week, then MythTV can do
that.  You have to use a Custom recording rule, as that is the only
place where you can do a Record Weekly option since it was moved there
many versions of MythTV ago.  You can also have SQL as complex as you
like in a Custom rule - I did one for my mother that recorded
Coronation Street episodes only if they were broadcast after 18:00
local time.  That prevented her being confused by all the repeats that
were broadcast in the afternoon.

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