[mythtv-users] Resetting NVIDIA Video Configuration

Gary Raposo gary at raposo.ca
Sat Feb 23 14:42:50 UTC 2019

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request.

It took a lot of rebooting and tinkering but I eventually got everything 
working again. Disabling COMPOSITE initially did not work (X would not 
start on the display) so I went back to my last working configuration, 
renamed xorg.conf and xorg.conf.d, then generated two fresh xorg.conf 
files using nvidia-xconfig and nvidia-settings.

Both files were very similar with a few minor differences. I manually 
merged the two and came up with a somewhat clean xorg,conf (I've dumped 
everything into xorg.conf for simplicity - nothing in xorg.conf.d for now).

Long story short, after many reboots and commenting/uncommenting one 
line at a time, Option "COMPOSITE" "Disable" seems to have resolved the 
tearing problem and 
ForceCompositionPipeline=On/ForceFullCompositionPipeline=On needed to be 
removed as it caused the black screen problem.

I've posted my xorg.conf file here in case anyone is interested: 

Thanks again!

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