[mythtv-users] v30 can anyone tell me is it worth upgrading?

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Mon Feb 18 02:27:44 UTC 2019

On Mon, 18 Feb 2019 08:13:03 +0800, you wrote:

>>> EG the ABC shows weekend news on one or more of it?s 4 mux?s.
>>> I want to record 1 showing every week at that time but oh how it fails, recording upto 4 showings.
>>> Here duplicates do not help, title and subtitle are the same every week.
>>> So Record All Showings - this day and time - (What does First showing do)
>> This is a problem caused by the EPG data really - not MythTV.  In the
>> worst case, it is possible to use a Custom recording rule where you
>> write SQL to tell the scheduler exactly what you want it to do.  I did
>> that for my mother's Coronation Street recordings, so that it recorded
>> CS episodes that were broadcast after 18:00 each day.  Otherwise she
>> would get very confused by all the afternoon repeats that were
>> recorded.
>I admit to being a bear-of-little-brain but I do not understand. The EPG says exactly what will show.
>eg today
>2019-02-17 22:32:48.663689 I  ABC News                              24 ABC NEW 23 19:00-19:15   2  6  A  6 0
>but the listing could be any combination of
>20 ABC HD
>21 ABC
>23 ABC ME
>And the EPG correctly shows the detail. Every match (which they all do) matches.
>> The " this episode | this series | this time | this day and time | this
>> channel ... " tick boxes make the scheduling incredibly flexible.
>Cute! On Monday at about 9.00 pm ABC shows Q&A. It may show on any combination of their muxes and often repeats on any combination of their muxes the same day. Again the EPG is exactly correct.
>Neither 'this time' or 'this channel' help.

I use the "This channel" option all the time and it does work.  We
have +1 channels here (the same programmes an hour later), but they
are SD and the main channel is HD, so I always want recordings to be
done from the main channel.  So I normally set the "This channel"
option to force the recording to happen on the main channel.  It
always works.  So I have no idea why it would not work for you.

>The depreciated ‘Find one showing each week’ would solve this. I will have to dive into the SQL as suggested.

The "Record one showing every week" option was not deprecated.  It is
still available, but was moved to the Custom rules.  To use it, go to
Manage Recording > Schedule Recordings > Programme Guide and select
one instance of the programme you want to record.  Then do O (or M
(menu) > Recording Options > Show Upcoming) to get the list of all
matching recordings.  Select the one at the time you want it to be
recorded at.  That time will be put in the recording rule as the start
time for searching for the "first" recording each week that is to be
recorded.  Hit M (menu) > Custom Edit (use the up arrow key as Custom
Edit may be off the bottom of the visible menu).  You will get a
"Custom Record Rules" screen, with the SQL filled in as "program.title
= '<the name of the programme>'".  Move the cursor to the Record
button and hit Enter.  You will get a recording rule editing screen
that is similar to the normal one, except at the top where after the
rule name, it will say "(Power Search)" and on the next line the SQL
will be displayed.  The cursor will be on the top selector saying "Do
not record this programme".  Change that to "Record one showing every
week" (or "Record one showing every day" if that is what you want).
Set all the other options as you normally would, then go to the Save
button and hit Enter.

If you only want it to record from one channel, you can edit the SQL
to add something like " and program.chanid=<chanid of the channel>".

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