[mythtv-users] hdhomerun

Yann Lehmann aristide at free-it.ch
Sun Feb 3 11:46:52 UTC 2019

Le 03.02.19 à 04:09, James Linder a écrit :
> Hi
> can anybody help please.
> I bought a hdhomerun quad. It works well.
> I scanned and got a set of channels, some duplicates from nearby transmitters.
> I want to delete the non-optimum channels. (occasional pixelation on lower strengh.
> I use hdhomerun-gui but (without delving into the DB to find cchannels are on which transport)(possible but time consuming) how do I relate channels in the hd-gui to the channels in mythtv?

I have a dvb-c hdhr4, but may be the "trick" I recently discovered on 
the net can help with other versions.

I you append 'lineup.json?show=all&tuning' to the ip of your device in a 
browser, it will return detailed tuning data for all channels it has.

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