[mythtv-users] v30 upgrade - Changing Android Frontend Name

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 16:02:17 UTC 2019

On 1/31/19 3:40 PM, Jon Boehm wrote:
> Hi,
> How would I perverse the current setting for MythFrontend on Android 
> if I change the custom id in the frontend?   In anticipation for 
> sideloading a new v30 binary I want to give my frontend a reusable 
> name before I upgrade.  If I change the name on my current v29 install 
> will it save the current frontend setting under the new resuable 
> name?  All of my current setting are working great on v29 and I'd like 
> to preserve them when upgrading to v30.
> INFO - When launching MythFrontend on Android for the first time it 
> generates a custom frontend name, android-xxxxx where xxxxx is a 
> random string of hexadecimal numbers.  This is changeable from Setup 
> -> General -> Database Configuration ->Use Custom Identifier.
> Source of name change info - https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Android
> Thanks
If you install a new version over the existing version it will remember 
the custom name. If you uninstall and install again it will lose that 
information and will generate a different android-xxxxx from the 
previous time.

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