[mythtv-users] BE changes broken some API's

Tim Draper veehexx at zoho.com
Mon Dec 30 17:26:10 UTC 2019

i've had a nightmare of a week attempting to upgrade my centos BE. aborted the upgrade to centos8stream and back to a fresh centos7 build.
with this was a hostname change of the BE; from 'server.localdomain' to 'server'.
after getting the BE back running it ran as a slave B, so i had to change that in mythtv-setup so it's the again primary.

BE/FE's appears to be working fine.

i've now got mythweb back up running and noticed some pages/content no longer working (same in webfrontend on :6544). mythweb has the entire 'status' page that 404's and the 'Recorded Programs' page takes an absolute age to load due to missing thumbnail locations.
webfrontend also receives the 404 on 'Backend Status' page, and 'Recorded Programs' thumbnails was also unable to find them.

thumbnail url was pointing to the server.localdomain hostname, which no longer exists.

I've been through sql and cleaned up any reference to 'server.localdomain' however still getting 404's on the backend status pages. I assume theres something else i need to do to fix it. Anyone know what that something is?

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