[mythtv-users] New video receiver doesn't work with Nvidia HDMI.

Kenneth Emerson kenneth.emerson at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 21:13:28 UTC 2019

On Mon, Dec 23, 2019 at 6:54 PM Peter Bennett <pb.mythtv at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 12/23/19 5:26 PM, Kenneth Emerson wrote:
> > Looking for a little help here with Xorg and Nvidia. I just replaced
> > my Onkyo receiver (TX-NR626), which was working fine, with a new Denon
> > (AVR-X2600H). The main reason for the change is that the Onkyo didn't
> > support the newer HDCP 2.2 required for 4k ultra HD passthrough.
> > Stupid to have to throw away good hardware!
> >
> > I had my combo backend/frontend PC plugged into the HDMI input labeled
> > PC. I was using the DVI output of the Nvidia card with a DVI to HDMI
> > cable. The Denon does not have an HDMI labelled PC so I used the AUX2
> > input (I actually tried them all). What I get in the TV/monitor is a
> > very compressed (horizontally) picture with random straight lines
> > where text should be. The Ubuntu desktop has the normal background
> > color but all the text is messed up.
> >
> > I've tried fixing the resolution and frequency (originally set to
> > auto) to 1920x1080 and 60hz (the max my card will support) without any
> > change. Do I have to get a video card that supports 3840x2160 for this
> > to work? The only 4k source material I have now is through streaming
> > and not through myth.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Ken E.
> >
> I wonder why you are using a DVI output for this. DVI does not support
> higher than 1920x1080. DVI and HDCP 2.2 will not be compatible. Does
> your video card not have an HDMI output? I can't believe that a video
> card that has HDCP 2.2 does not have an HDMI output.

I'm using the DVI -> HDMI cable because it was convenient.  The NVIDIA
board had two outputs: DVI and HDMI.  At the time the DVI->HDMI was the
cable I had available.

But on the original note, I believe I found my problem.  The TV is 4k so
its native resolution was 3840x2160.  The Denon saw this and reported this
back to the video card.  The card I had was old and didn't support anything
above 1920x1080 and for whatever reason the 3 pieces of hardware got
confused.  I suspect that if I had been smart enough to connect another
monitor and set the default resolution to 1920x1080 instead of AUTO, it
might have worked.  What I did do was replace the video card with one that
supported resolutions well above 3840x1160.  Using the same cable, upon
boot-up, the system came up at 3840x2160.  Yea!!

Since my chosen menu system (Blue Abstract) didn't support above 1920x1080,
I set the default resolution back to 1920x1080 and all is well now.

And just FYI: 4k on a big screen (65") with HDR is truly awesome!  Didn't
think I would be that impressed, but there is a big difference.  (Yes, I
know that I won't see it through MythTV because of my default resolution,
but through 4k Blu-Ray disks it's definitely the bees' knees.  I'm going to
check to see how much trouble it is to convert Blue Abstract to 3840x2160.

Anyway, thanks for all of your replies.

-- Ken E.

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