[mythtv-users] mythtv-leanfront v0-86 issue

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Dec 23 22:13:00 UTC 2019

On 12/23/19 8:58 AM, James Abernathy wrote:
> Don’t know if this is a known issue, but this morning I started 
> watching CBS This Morning at 7:40 about 40 minutes after it started. I 
> was using leanfront v0-86 on a Shield TV. It worked fine until it 
> froze at 7:40 on the recording.  If I exited and hit the refresh 
> button I could then go back into the show and continue past 7:40.
> I normally use the Shield TV version of Mythtv-frontend to watch CTM 
> delayed so this is the first time I’ve tried it with leanfront.
> Jim Abernathy
> jfabernathy at gmail.com <mailto:jfabernathy at gmail.com>
That is a known issue. Playback of recordings in progress is still 
something I have to address. It looks like it is taking the program 
length at the start of playback and assuming that is the full length. I 
plan to fix that. It is on my todo list.

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