[mythtv-users] MythTV on Raspberry Pi 3B+?

Tim Draper veehexx at zoho.com
Sun Dec 22 21:03:34 UTC 2019

 ---- On Thu, 12 Dec 2019 12:45:50 +0000 Per Jessen <per at computer.org> wrote ----
 > Hi all
 > I rarely have reason to fiddle much with MythTV, it has been working and
 > working, seven years now.  Kudos! 
 > I'm putting together a new system, for one thing to upgrade MythTV 0.25
 > to something more recent, for another to update my increasingly noisy
 > livingroom PC, hopefully also enabling everything for HDTV.  I figured
 > a Raspi Pi with accelerated H264 and MPEG2 would be the right thing. 
 > I have a system working (version 29, one backend, frontend on Raspi). So
 > far so good.  However, no video acceleration - not even for H264.  I'm
 > using openSUSE Leap 15.1.  I have bought and installed the MPEG2
 > license.
 > I'm getting conflicting reports - someone told me "omxplayer" is the
 > only player using hw acceleration, for instance.  Also that hw video
 > acceleration on 64bit doesn't work ?  That would obviously disqualify
 > the Raspi immediately, so I thought I would check with you guys here. 
 > Is the Raspi 3B+ a sensible/useful/good choice for a MythTV client or
 > not?  HDTV support required. 
 > thanks,
 > -- 
 > Per Jessen, Zürich (5.1°C)
i use rpi3 for my non-primary FE's. i've no issues beleiving the rpi4 wouldnt be substantially better. my problem with the rpi3 is seek performance as it just doesnt have the grunt to be acceptable. i also find the rpi3 cant handle high-bitrate content.
i wouldnt use the rpi3 for my primary FE.
I've actually replaced my primary FE a week ago with new hardware and was torn in a 3way for what hardware. This was to replace a 2014 celeron NUC.

roll my own; AMD athlon, on-chip gpu and a suitable case preferably with external PSU. cheapest option of my 3 options. £150 i guestimated.
current model NUC, but looks like they're in the middle of a refresh so you'll be buying 2 yr old hardware (18H1) £170
NV Shield TV. this was my option in the end. very happy with it and definitely the most painless deployment i've done.  no OS tweaking like you'd do if you ran a full pc so was just a case of going through mythtv settings. £200 for the pro version. Intention was to replace my roku3 with this but turns out NowTV isnt available. Since the Shield uses AndroidTV, it is slightly different that regular Android.

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