[mythtv-users] input selection based upon season

Stephen Baker stephen at wildwood.baker.org
Sun Dec 22 19:49:12 UTC 2019

I have one channel that available on two different inputs. I would
prefer to record the OTA signal using the PVR-2250 except that during
the growing season reception is poor at sunrise/sunset. I attribute it
to the relative placement of the sun and the transmitter creating too
much noise and foliage on the trees blocking the signal. I have a high-
gain antenna, but it sits behind a hill. The secondary input is a
rebroadcast over cable (Charter/Spectrum) that I record using an ETH6.
Using the secondary input causes scheduling conflicts with other
recordings. I have been manually changing recpriority of the OTA
channel twice each year to force the input selection.

Is there a way that I can automate the input selection based upon
season (day of year)? Or is there some better way that I haven't

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