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Jim Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 19:00:37 UTC 2019

On 12/20/19 1:21 PM, Greg Oliver wrote:
> As much as I hate Apple for over-pricing their hardware and 
> under-featuring their software, I do want to watch AppleTV+ for the 
> content they have.
> I do not have a Firestick (the only android device they support), but 
> can and have sideloaded the Amazon Appstore and ApleTV+ on my Shield.
> If I root the Shield and change build.prop, of course I can make the 
> ApStore think it is a firestick and all will be right as rain, but 
> then all future updates, etc will not function correctly.
> Has anyone with both devices loaded AppleTV+ on their firestick and 
> then sideloaded the AmazonAppstore onto a Shield along with TV+ and 
> got it to work?
> I am prepared to pay for a FireStick just to check it out, but figured 
> I would save the cost just in case someone else has tried it..?
> YiA
> -Greg
I don't know about the prices where you are but in the USA the FireTV 
stick 4K is $24.99 when specials are running, right now it $34.99. I 
caught it at $25. I already had the $15 ethernet adapter from an older 
Firetv stick.

Jim A

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