[mythtv-users] Corrupt recording using HDHR Quatro

Jim Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 17:23:41 UTC 2019

> As far as I know, HDHRs do not have a TCP protocol option, ...

Where I got my TCP information related to HDHR was back when you needed 
to setup an External recorder to share the tuners using 

The setup was written up by Gary Buhrmaster back when HDHR Premium 
service was available I did all that minus the Premium part because I 
wanted to share my tuners with other devices like a smart TV running the 
HDHR app. This way you would not kill a recording by opening a TV or 
phone app to use a tuner.

Also I can watch live TV from my HDHR by opening in VLC media player a 
URL like I was under the impression 
that the protocol was TCP.

Anyway prior to that Mythtv and the HDHR apps on Smart TV would fight.  
Someone told me that V30 had all that fixed so I assumed they were using 
whatever was implemented originally in the mythhdhrrecorder external 

SO back to my experiment. Are you saying adding the new switch with just 
the RPi4 and the HDHR and an upstream link to the main switch doesn't 
lessen the traffic that would interfere with the recording?

Does this mean that it really may just be the original switch where the 
RPi4 and the Shield TV were connected, while the HDHR was back on the 
main house switch, being the source of the problem?

I can always go back to my original setup and replace the old switch in 
the Shield and RPi4 loop with the new switch.

I thought switches came along to replace hubs because hubs shared all 
the traffic everywhere on the network.  I thought a switch would isolate 
traffic in a segment of the network if it could.

Meaning that if computers A and B were connected to the same switch and 
computers C and D were connected to a different switch and the 2 
switches were connected together that traffic between A and B would not 
be seen by C and D.  So A and B could transfer at 1Gbs and not interfere 
with C and D transferring at 1Gbs.  Is that right???

Jim A

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