[mythtv-users] Corrupt recording using HDHR Quatro

Jim Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 12:07:42 UTC 2019

I was experiencing a lot of corrupted recordings that my Raspberry Pi4 
mythtv-backend was making from my HDHR Quatro tuner. I tested by also 
recording the same program on another Mythtv backend using a PCIe tuner 
card and saw no issues there.

If you do the math, 4 HDTV OTA mpeg2 streams from a HDHR should be no 
more than ~50Mb/s.  The HDHR has a 100Mb/s port. So I thought that it 
shouldn't be a problem to have that network traffic on a network that 
was all Gbe devices except for the HDHR.

But I tried a test by putting in a Gbe switch with just the HDHR Quatro, 
the RPi4 and an uplink connection to the main switch.  I recorded 4 HDTV 
programs at the same time all during prime time last night and no 

In the original configuration the RPi4 and my Shield TV were on a 
network segment with a Gbe switch linked to the main home network switch 
and the HDHR was on that same main home switch.  So 2 HDTV streams from 
Youtube.TV were going through the main switch that the HDHR was on and 
one of those HDTV stream went to the Shield TV on the same network 
segment as the RPi4 recording all the HDHR traffic.

I still think the math works out but maybe the 100Mb/s HDHR port 
degrades the switches so all traffic is affected???

Jim A

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