[mythtv-users] MythFrontend 29 or 30.0 for Mac wanted

Yeechang Lee ylee at columbia.edu
Tue Dec 17 23:10:05 UTC 2019

I am looking for one of two specific versions of MythFrontend for
Mac. I need either

* MythFrontend 29 without the bug that causes it to not recognize "2"
  for PlaybackExitPrompt in the database. Because of the bug, when
  exiting a recording, the bookmark is not updated.

* MythFrontend 30.0, not 30.1.

I have tried:

* MythFrontend 29-fixes from
  containing the above bookmark bug. Identifies itself as (v30-Pre).

* MythFrontend master (30.1) from above. Incompaible with a 30.0

* Another MythFrontend from James Linder, which also identifies itself
  as 30-Pre. Also has the bookmark bug.

I have read James's recent thread on compiling the Mac frontend but
was not successful in following
<http://tigger.ws/wiki/index.php5?title=Build_Mythtv>. I also was
unable to complete the process described in
and have PMed @gocubsgo hoping that he can send me the mentioned
precompiled app.

Frontend:		Apple MacBook Pro 2012, Nvidia Shield 2015
Backend:		HP Microserver N40L 1.5GHz with 4x3TB HDDs
Tuners:			Three from CableCARD plus two over-the-air

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