[mythtv-users] 2019 Sheild tv pro keybindings

Tim Draper veehexx at zoho.com
Sat Dec 14 17:23:23 UTC 2019

 ---- On Sat, 14 Dec 2019 15:25:00 +0000 marcus hall <marcus at tuells.org> wrote ----
 > On Sat, Dec 14, 2019 at 02:36:15PM +0000, Tim Draper wrote:
 > > Took the jump to replace my nuc FE with a sheild which arrived earlier today.
 > > I'm currently going through configuring my Harmony remote with keybindings to get it working the same as before however cant find info on key commands to enter into the FE settings.
 > I just used the default assignment to the FF and REW keys, which is Media FF
 > and Media REW, I believe.  Changed the bindings in mythtv to add those (I think
 > that they had other bindings I didn't use and cleared those.)

can i just confirm 'Media FF' and 'Media REW' are correct? I added those into keybindings but no change; buttons are still inactive within mythtv.
left/right works fine with +-30sec skip but also want to get the sticky FFWD/RWD working too.

Since my original post, also found that the ChannelUp/ChannelDown Shield binding isnt detected within mythtv. i use this for pageup/down on the guide, or video listing screen rather than scroll through 1 at a time.

 > The most confounding keys were PLAY and PAUSE, which harmony says were sending
 > unique codes, but the shield (or android TV) somehow mapped to the same code
 > before mythtv got them.  I ended up using the harmony bluetooth keyboard to
 > send 'P' or ' ' for the one that wasn't coming through.
problem is doing that would then stop pause/play working in other apps.  Youtube for example. 
Is there an android way to see what keys are being sent, like irw if using lirc? would make this task real easy then.

 > I added the "Button Mapper" app and assigned the F1... keys to launch various
 > apps so that I can have a harmony home-screen button for mythtv (on the shield)
 > and another for netflix (on the shield), etc.

button mapper app - plenty of them out there. look interesting and something i'll probably work on once i've got the basic controls sorted.
F-keys are out of the question; i use these for jump points.  my nuc setup (somehow) had alt+# assigned but i've had to remove devices on myHarmony to free up for the Shield. i thought it was the MCE SE keyboard which was paired via bluetooth on the nuc but doesnt want to play ball on the Shield.  the Kodi and MCE keyboard devices work so i do have a-z available to me now.
maybe i could revisit the F-keys now i've got a-z available to me as that would free up stuff like 'record' keybind.

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