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John P Poet jppoet at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 00:22:36 UTC 2019

On Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 2:11 PM jacek burghardt <jaceksburghardt at gmail.com>

> How do I capture directtv  using mythtv what device I should use? I
> remember in past you could get moded direct receiver and control it with
> serial cable.

Your best option is to use a Hauppauge HD-PVR2 or Colossus2 capture card.
The Colossus2 is slightly superior in its capabilities but requires a PCIe
slot to put it in. The HD-PVR2 attaches via USB.

Unfortunately, it takes a bit of effort to get these devices working under
Linux. You have to set them up as an "External Recorder" in MythTV and use:

For channel changing, you can do that via ethernet:
For that to work, you have to turn on "whole home" in the Directv box, but
you don't have to pay Directv for that feature -- assuming you can get them
to provide you with H25 receivers instead of Genies.  If you get a Genie,
Directv will make you pay for "whole home" even if you are not using it
they way they expect you to.

I no longer have Directv but will try to help you if you need it.  It is
possible that Directv is now using HDCP with all channels, which would
defeat this kind of capture, but it worked for me.

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