[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend on Fire TV doesn't detect interlace

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Aug 26 18:23:33 UTC 2019

On 8/26/19 1:08 PM, Paul Gardiner wrote:
> Actually, firstly let me say Wow! I've been wanting to try this out 
> for some time, but my backend is stuck on v29 for now, and I've only 
> just discovered that doesn't matter. Really very impressed. I have one 
> of the earlier Fire TV boxes (not stick). Didn't really expect it to 
> work, but it seems fine.
> At first some of my 50i recordings didn't seem very smooth. I ignored 
> some of the set up advice and selected the Bob (2x) deinterlacer, and 
> that initially didn't give any improvement. But then I went into the 
> playback menu and noticed the system had detected the video as 
> progressive. I overrode it as interlaced reversed and Wow (again): 
> silky smooth. Not perfect, but really far better than I expected.
> There is a slight tick every second or so. I think it misses the odd 
> frame, or it isn't quite in sync with the screen frame rate. Also it's 
> a pain that I have to go into the device's set up to select the 50fps 
> screen refresh rate (I'll have to go back and forth between 50 and 24 
> if I'm going to run mythfrontend and netflix). And of course it's a 
> pain that it doesn't detect the interlace correctly. Not far off 
> though. Nearly to where I can throw away my nvidia-based frontend (if 
> only that wasn't quite so perfect).
> Cheers,
>     Paul.
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I don't know which fire stick you have, but you can set up a playback 
profile to use standard decoding for mpeg2, which is then able to detect 
interlaced content. (see 
https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Android#Amazon_Fire_TV_Stick_.28not_4K.29 )

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