[mythtv-users] Experimental Android TV "leanback" MythTV frontend

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Aug 26 15:40:28 UTC 2019

On 8/25/19 10:40 PM, David Engel wrote:
> I am pretty demanding/spoiled about that, aren't I?:)  Anyway, forward
> skips seemed reasonable but I didn't test multiple in succession.  How
> do you invoke a forward skip programatically?
I did not dig into the exoplayer code, the frontend just calls the 
"seekTo" method of exoplayer.

>   I suspect the
> underlying code simply scans forward until it finds a suitable
> keyframe.  Reverse skips didn't work as well, with one even causing a
> plyback lockup.
>> - currently I have two methods of downloading the video data -
>> http or myth protocol. I am using http, since I am trying to get away from
>> the myth protocol, but the myth protocol may turn out better for back skips.
> I didn't realize we supported http.  How are skips and seeks
> requested.  Just curious.
I assume it uses the http 1.1 Range header to start a download at any 
point in the file. I assume that mythbackend supports that. A lot of 
assumptions here :).
>> There is a setting in the exoplayer framework for playback speed. It may
>> work for time-stretch users. I don't know about FF or REW. I am doubtful.
>>>> - Support Voice search, 4K playback, use only service api and avoid version
>>>> dependence.
>>> Nice.  I've wondered how that and homepage channels feature could
>>> eventually be implemented in mythfrontend.  There have been and still
>>> are way too many other things to do before that.
>> In the android studio emulator, it displays a list or "recommended videos"
>> chosen (at random it seems) from the recording list, but that does not seem
>> to work in shield or fire tv. I will look into that and find out what
>> settings are needed to support those. I would like it to show recently
>> viewed but not completed shows on the home screen. Voice search from within
>> the app is working on shield but not on fire tv. Also search from outside
>> the app should be possible.
> If you figure it out, the recommended videos would be a good use of
> the "Watch List" functionality.  I don't know, though, if that
> information is available through the API.  It might generated by the
> frontend, playbackbox code.
>>>> - Avoid Existing android frontend problems - it is compiled with
>>>> 4K or ipv6, we have to build with out of date ndk.
>>> I've advocated converting mythfrontend to use only API calls from some
>>> time.  There isn't anything preventing anyone from doing that.
>>>> - frontend should not require a 4k device to play 1080 recordings.
>>> Does it?  If so, I wasn't aware of that.
>> On the fire tv non-4k mythfrontend playback is excessively jerky with about
>> half of the frames being dropped.
> Hmm, I thought my first-gen firetv and a cheap s912 box were adequate
> (but just that).  The former doesn't deinterlace, though.  If you're
> interested, pester me and I'll dig them back out of the storage
> closet.
I have a non-4k fire stick that I have not tried this on yet. It is 
early days still, so I would hold off on testing those for a while.

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