[mythtv-users] HDPVR problems - power supply again?

Mark Wedel mwedel at sonic.net
Thu Aug 15 04:30:10 UTC 2019

On 8/14/19 11:19 AM, Will Dormann wrote:
> On 8/14/19 1:23 PM, Stephen Worthington wrote:
>> If the HDPVR is rated at 2 amps and it draws 15 amps from the PC, it
>> can certainly burst into flames.  The PC power supply will not be in
>> an over current situation - it can easily supply 15 amps.

  One sort of unrelated data point - a lot of the connectors in a typical PC are 
not fused in any way (video card, hard drives, even MB).

  Many years ago when I was doing support, one of the computers in the lab would 
power on.  Doing some debugging, I pulled one of the hard drives and the user 
asked me how I know it was that hard drive.  My answer was that I could see see 
smoke coming off its circuit board.

  It just seems to me that there are potentially a large number of ways anything 
powered by a computer PS could go up in smoke, so I'm not sure why one should be 
more concerned about the HDPVR vs a hard drive or other component.

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