[mythtv-users] EIT Active scan

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Tue Aug 13 22:44:11 UTC 2019

> When setting up a HDHR tuner in a OTA EPG/EIT system what is the
> recommended setting for the Activate Active EIT Scan?  When testing a HDHR
> Quatro on the main network I’ve left it unchecked so the tuners can be
> shared.  In this configuration when and how are the EIT scans for EPG data
> run?
> What I’ve discovered is even after 5 minutes there is nothing in the
> Guide, but if I select a channel and watch it then most of the time the
> guide populates.

I've noticed this is quite common on the TV guide built into TVs as well.
The guide's empty except for channels you've recently visited.
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