[mythtv-users] UI myths

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Sun Aug 11 06:09:59 UTC 2019

On 8/10/19 9:46 PM, James Linder wrote:
> Why do we do this
> “Do you really want to Exit Mythtv”
> For the 1000s of times you say “I do” surely the once you mean “No” you could easily and cleanly restart mythfrontend.
> If mythfrontend was running something eg mythcommflag (that’s a backend task, but just say) there is no frontend indication to say ‘busy now’ ’try in a while’.
> Seems like an irritatation based on what MS thinks is good UI design.
> James
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For people using MythTV with a remote control as an appliance, trying to 
restart it might not be so easy without a mouse and keyboard.  The 
prompt saves much hassle when you accidentally hit ESC or back one too 
many times. I personally have a monitor that restarts the frontend if it 
quits for any reason as well, but that's a 60 second delay and not 
everyone has such a setup.

That said, I do have one desktop system that does not prompt.  I believe 
the way to remove the prompt is to go to Setup > Edit Keys > Main Menu 
and remove all assigned keys from the EXITPROMPT action.  Make sure you 
have a key assigned to the EXIT action such as ESC or CTRL+ESC.

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