[mythtv-users] Best Hardware to exploit a nice TV

Rick Lane lists at timeforabrew.com
Fri Aug 9 10:15:56 UTC 2019

After over 15 years of budget/hand-me-down TVs and my wife being
unable to see the differences in screen/image quality that I could,
nor the benefits of a larger size, she last weekend saw a 2019
Panasonic 65' OLED and decided that we're having one as soon as we
have saved up for it. The image quality is incredible.

I'm slightly behind on all the technologies and formats related to 4k
- HDR and all that. My current front/backend machine is built on an
ASRock QC5000M-ITX/PH, which has an A4-5000 Quad-Core APU. Does anyone
else use similar kit to drive a high quality screen or do i need to
think about upgrading to a discrete GPU? Or something else entirely,
ie a Shield, etc. Or an app running on the Smart TV side of the new
screen (Kodi?)


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