[mythtv-users] Updating the end time or offset of a recording in progress

mythtv mythtv at mdabbs.org
Tue Apr 30 19:15:33 UTC 2019

On 4/30/19 1:35 PM, mythtv wrote:
> On 4/30/19 11:01 AM, David Hampton wrote:
>> On Tue, 2019-04-30 at 09:44 -0500, mythtv wrote:
>>> On 4/30/19 9:22 AM, Bill Meek wrote:
>>>> On 4/30/19 6:59 AM, mythtv wrote:
>>>>> On 4/30/19 6:55 AM, John Pilkington wrote:
>>>>>> On 30/04/2019 12:37, mythtv wrote:
>>>>>>> On 4/29/19 9:02 PM, mythtv wrote:
>>>>>>>> On 4/29/19 8:17 PM, David Engel wrote:
>>>>>>>>> On Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 07:13:27PM -0500, mythtv wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> I'm trying to create my own version of Myth Recording 
>>>>>>>>>> Extender but using the Dvr services API instead of directly 
>>>>>>>>>> writing to the DB. I'm able to call the GetEncoderList 
>>>>>>>>>> service and determine that an NHL game is being recorded, I 
>>>>>>>>>> can get the status of the game from a website. I can get the 
>>>>>>>>>> original recording rule that caused the game to be recorded. 
>>>>>>>>>> What I can't do is to actually extend the recording. I can 
>>>>>>>>>> call UpdateRecordSchedule and pass it a new endTime (which 
>>>>>>>>>> only seems to actually work once), or I can give it a new 
>>>>>>>>>> endOffset which seems to work multiple times. But I think I 
>>>>>>>>>> have a problem: The recording rule is actually a Power Search 
>>>>>>>>>> and I'm not sure it's actually affecting the in-progress 
>>>>>>>>>> recording. When I get the rule from GetRecordSchedule, the 
>>>>>>>>>> actual start and end times are from back when I created the 
>>>>>>>>>> rule (back in 2015), so I don't think I'm really getting the 
>>>>>>>>>> right rule. Is there some way within the services to extended 
>>>>>>>>>> an in-progress recording? Thanks for any help. 
>>>>>>>>> Use Dvr/GetRecordSchedule. Specify the program in quesiton 
>>>>>>>>> using nChanId and dStartTimeRaw and set bMakeOverride to true. 
>>>>>>>>> It should probably aslo work by using nRecordedId but it 
>>>>>>>>> currently doesn't. That will give a recording rule you can use 
>>>>>>>>> to call Dvr/AddRecordSchedule or Dvr/UpdateRecordSchedule. Use 
>>>>>>>>> the former if nRecordId is 0 and the latter otherwise. David 
>>>>>>>> Sorry, I sent the reply to the wrong address. Ok, I've 
>>>>>>>> implemented that. I'm not sure if its working but I'll know 
>>>>>>>> later in the week. For now, it looks like the only thing I can 
>>>>>>>> adjust is the endOffset, correct? Changing the endTime acts 
>>>>>>>> like before, it doesn't seem to stick each time I call 
>>>>>>>> GetRecordSchedule and Add/Update, but the endOffset seems to 
>>>>>>>> stick. Hopefully that will be enough to advise Myth to keep 
>>>>>>>> recording. Thanks for the help! 
>>>>>>> Well, although it looked as if everything was going swimmingly, 
>>>>>>> it actually failed to continue recording beyond the normal stop 
>>>>>>> time. I noticed a service operation called rescheduleRecordings. 
>>>>>>> Do I need to call that any time I make a change to a recording? 
>>>>>>> Or does the endOffset of the current recording not get taken 
>>>>>>> into effect? Am I missing anything else? I'd like to dig through 
>>>>>>> the code and follow the logic but I don't really know where all 
>>>>>>> of this logic takes place. I know C++, just not Qt. I guess I'd 
>>>>>>> need to know where or how the updated recording is being sent to 
>>>>>>> the current in-progress recording, or how the recording knows 
>>>>>>> when to stop recording and if/how it can be updated. Thanks! I 
>>>>>>> feel like I'm close and would love to revive MRE if possible. 
>>>>>> I don't know if this will help in your efforts to automate it, 
>>>>>> but in the frontend, when a Recording is selected, the Menu key 
>>>>>> has Recording Options > Edit Recording Schedule > Schedule Options
>>>>>> End Recording X minutes late. This will work while a recording is 
>>>>>> in progress. 
>>>>> Thanks, that at least tells me that there's probably a way to do 
>>>>> it through the services as well. But that also tells me that 
>>>>> updating the endOffset is probably correct but its not taking 
>>>>> effect for some reason. Maybe the rescheduleRecordings needs to 
>>>>> occur or something. I will play with it some more later today. 
>>>> I've used Dvr/UpdateRecordSchedule successfully when a certain 
>>>> network has overtime events that cause following programs to start 
>>>> late (I just extend their EndOffsets.) I just tested this with a 
>>>> Power Rule. During a +33 minute EndOffset, I changed to +22 
>>>> minutes. The recording stopped in +22. Also, I'm modifying the rule 
>>>> itself, not an override as David mentioned above (need to try that 
>>>> myself.) UpdateRecordSchedule calls RecordingRule::Save that does 
>>>> ScheduledRecording::RescheduleMatch so you don't need to do 
>>>> anything to have changes take affect. 
>>> Well, I was hoping calling rescheduleRecordings would help. I 
>>> thought about editing the rule itself, and I guess that's still a 
>>> possibility. I wondered about modifying the rule and setting the 
>>> endOffset back down to zero when the game finally ended. Otherwise 
>>> that endOffset would always be in effect for every future 
>>> occurrence. I've actually tried editing the rule over the course of 
>>> time to set the endOffset and it never seems to stick. My network is 
>>> notorious for only recording 2.5 hours of 3 hour game, and I've set 
>>> the offset to 30 minutes but it always reset to 0, and I always 
>>> thought because its a power rule, that some things just weren't 
>>> saved correctly. Then again, that rule was created back in 2015. 
>> As David mentioned earlier, MRE works by creating an override rule 
>> and them modifying the override. You don't want to modify the 
>> original series/power rule because that would affect all future 
>> recordings. I hacked on the MRE code extensively a decade ago, but I 
>> can't find my changes anywhere now. (My changes also modified the 
>> database in the pre-API days.) I would be happy to help in any way I 
>> can, but I don't have many cycles at this point. David 
> Well, I think I had everything right. I programmatically created a 
> single override rule, and changed its endOffset a few times (adding 15 
> minutes each time). I then saw the override rule in the Recording 
> Schedules list via mythweb, and it had a green border (assume that 
> means its currently recording). But the in-progress recording still 
> stopped at the normal time. Its almost like the endOffset was never 
> consulted. i.e. The original recording was to end at 9:45pm but the 
> end offset was 120 minutes. I have a cushion of 5 minutes before and 
> after each recording, and the recording stopped at 9:50pm. I don't 
> suppose that cushion is affecting anything???
> Even this morning, the override was still showing up in the list with 
> a border. mythweb showed the recording still in progress, but the 
> status page showed that nothing was being recorded. I restarted the 
> backend to clear out any confusion.
> I appreciate you all helping out. I'll keep digging. Maybe the backend 
> was not in a real happy state with that weird override hanging around.
Also, I'm still on Myth 29. Any chance that could be part of the problem?

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