[mythtv-users] Anyone using MythTV with Cox Contour?

Bob mythtv at cox.net
Sat Apr 27 18:47:42 UTC 2019

On 4/10/19 8:28 AM, DryHeat122 wrote:
> Hi. I am currently using MythTV with a Cox (Phoenix) SA 4240HDC 
> receiver.  Now Cox is asking me to upgrade to their Contour boxes for 
> free (right).  I'm wondering if these can be used with MythTV.  Has 
> anyone tried to do it?

I am also in the Phoenix market and have transitioned to Contour. What 
you need to do is tell them you need "Countour I" (as in Roman number 
one). The "Contour I" has component output that I use with my HD-PVR.

The other issue you will have is making sure the cable box is 
powered-up. I used a trick on the old 4240HDC that is not available with 
the new Cisco box. As best as I can tell, here are your options:

1. Leave the box powered-up all the time and disable the automatic 
"power down" feature.  I am trying to be more "green" and wanted to 
avoid this, though I have friends that use this technique.

2. I "patched" the 6200ch code to recognize my box. You can run "6200ch 
-q" to determine if the box is powered on or off and you'll get a string 
like "Power is off" or "Power is on". I use this in my channel changer 
script to power on the box if necessary. This assumes you only have one 
cable box connected to your system via firewire.

Here's a wiki entry for the 6200ch: https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/6200ch

Here's roughly what I had to do to "patch" 6200ch.c:

#define MOT_UNKNOWN_VENDOR_ID22 0x0068ee96
#define MOT_UNKNOWN_MODEL_ID01 0x00001286

You'll see a huge "if" statement where these values are checked, you'll 
want to add the definitions above to that statement.


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