[mythtv-users] "Tuner 5 has an error"

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 17:47:33 UTC 2019

On 25/04/2019 05:06, mythtv at kosowsky.org wrote:
> I am using mythtv 29.1 under Ubuntu 18.04 running under kernel 5.0.9.
> I initially installed a Hauppauge WinTV-quadHD PC Express card that
> provides 4 dvb inputs:
> 	 /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0
>   	 /dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0
>   	 /dev/dvb/adapter2/frontend0
>   	 /dev/dvb/adapter3/frontend0
> The Frontend ID for all is: LGDT3306A VSB/QAM Frontend.
> I then added a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q (aka Hauppauge Digital TV
> Tuner for Xbox One) USB tuner.
> That tuner is recognized by Linux as /dev/dvb/adapter4/frontend4.
> It works fine with VLC.
> Mythtv recognis the card appropriately as /dev/dvb/adapter4/frontend4
> with Frontend ID also LGDT3306A VSB/QAM Frontend.
> Everything seems fine, but I can't switch to the card input on LiveTV.
> System info says "Tuner 5 has an error" with details:
>         Tuner 4 [DVB: /dev/dvb/adapter4/frontend0] has an error
> (Note numbering is off because I name them Tuner 0 through 4 whereas
> System info seems to count them 1 to 5,

I don't think I have ever seen a 'frontend4' and myth is complaining 
that frontend0 has an error.  The linuxtv site finds frontend0 as well. 
What controls that number?


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