[mythtv-users] What happened to Lossless Transcoding for Cut Lists

jam at tigger.ws jam at tigger.ws
Fri Apr 19 22:59:03 UTC 2019

> On 19 Apr 2019, at 8:00 pm, mythtv-users-request at mythtv.org wrote:
>>>> I recently upgraded from a very old MythTV to 0.29.1
>>>> Before when creating transcoding profiles, there was a "tickbox" to
>>>> allow for lossless compression which was very useful for re-stitching
>>>> together the stream after cutting commercials without transcoding to a
>>>> new format.
>>>> I see that there are ways to create user jobs via scripts, but this is
>>>> much more complicated (and lest robust) than the built-in tickbox.
>>>> - Is there any reason the built-in lossless transcoding option was
>>>>  deleted?
>>>> - What is the simplest way to re-implement lossless transcoding post
>>>>  adding a cut list?
>>> This might be related. Not near my system right now but thought I'd send to
>>> you.
>>> https://lists.gt.net/mythtv/users/611938

Am I missing the ball totally?

Using v29.1-60-gaf5d819671

I use mythtranscode and it just works outa-da-box.
For h264 I wrote a script that uses ffmpeg to recode the video. It takes MUCH longer.
To transcode an OTA movie with say 10 ad breaks takes say 20 secs.
I use ffmpeg to cut from an h264 then copy the streams. That may take 5 minutes.
Ummm I think I’m doing lossless. Am I wrong?

A real transcode. using shotcut takes 1/2 hour (4 cores at the endstop)


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