[mythtv-users] I've screwed up my cable channels

Scott Simpson ssimpson at alumni.usc.edu
Sat Apr 13 02:17:44 UTC 2019

Help! I've screwed up my cable channels. I use Comcast Cable in the San
Jose, California bay area and I was playing around with mythtvsetup and
I've screwed up my channel line up. Channel 702 is Fox here and now I can't
even tune to that channel in "Watch TV". I can get to channel 1002 instead
which seems like the same channel. Also, when I go to Schedule
Recordings->Program Guide channel 702 doesn't show up anymore. I use
Schedules Direct with setting "Comcast - Digital' "CableDigital" (same as
I've always used) and the report there shows 702 to exist. How do I get my
channels back? Thanks.
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