[mythtv-users] Capturecard names and multirec tuners

Tom Dexter digitalaudiorock at gmail.com
Sat Apr 6 14:31:16 UTC 2019

On 4/5/19, Phill Edwards <philledwards at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > I have never found a way to adjust the names for the multirec tuners
>> > in mythtv-setup.  It is possible it is there now, but I am missing it.
>> > In any case, it was not there when I did it many years ago.  So what I
>> > did was to use SQL to directly edit the displayname fields in the
>> > database.  If you use one of the many GUI tools (eg Heidi SQL for
>> > Windows), it is not too difficult.  Or you can write a simple SQL
>> > script, for example, put this in a file "displaynames.sql":
>> >
>> As far as I can tell you're correct that this is the only means of
>> getting those unique display names. I spend almost all of my
>> professional life with MySQL and have been for more than a decade so
>> that's not an issue.
> I'm probably misunderstanding something here...but can't you give each one
> a name in MythTV-Setup > Input Connections > Display name field? I have a
> HD Homerun Quattro which has 4 tuners. Under Input Connections each has a
> different Display Name - HDHR3-0, HDHR3-1, HDHR3-2 and HDHR3-.3.

Not in the 29.1 version I'm using for sure. In the input connections
you choose the max recordings...in my case 2, and it automatically
creates 2 rows, but there's only one display name field in that

In fact, it appears that the default for that changed from 2 to one at
one point. When I recently got a new HDHR I had to re-enter it for
that reason, first adding tuner 0 as a capture card, then adding the
input connection with a max of 2 for that, and then doing the same for
tuner 1.

I made this change yesterday and there are some nice aspects of it I
didn't expect. In the change input of LiveTV for example, I used to
only get 5 entries...that is six minus the tuner it was currently
using. Now I get 11. Apparently the list was using the unique display


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