[mythtv-users] New Dual Display configuration - Mythfrontend issues

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 07:45:36 UTC 2018

On 28/09/18 00:40, Steve Greene wrote:
> Hi myth-listers:
> I have a rotated secondary display, 1200x1900 that used to be my primary 
> display. My new primary is a Dell P2517q, 4K monitor! How do I get 
> Mythfrontend to display on the new 4K and not on the rotated monitor 
> that used to be primary?
> Thanks in advance for your help!
> Steve

I don't think I could do this with a 4k display, and my usage may not be 
typical, but:

My f27 nVidia GT_710 setup uses hdmi to the tv and VGA to the monitor. 
Recent mythtv master.  Driver 396.64 (?) from rpmfusion

nvidia X-server 0 settings show a single surface with two contiguous 
screens.  IIRC it can rotate screens if needed.

Dell 2009w 1680x1050 at 60 Hz on the left

Panasonic TV 1920x1080 at 50 Hz on the right

Default Mythtv frontend is on the monitor, windowed 1024x576+64+64

or, to get it on the tv, mythfrontend -nw --geometry 1920x1080+1680+0

John P

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