[mythtv-users] Frontends can't connect after 0.29 upgrade.

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 13:12:13 UTC 2018

On 09/10/2018 01:22 AM, Phill Edwards wrote:
> I upgraded my backend and frontend to 0,29 today. But now I can't get 
> the frontends to connect. The backend has a frontend running on it and 
> that can't connect. Neither can the remote frontend.
> When the frontend starts there's now a MythTV Startup Status screen 
> which says "Waiting for Database to start". If I click the Search 
> button I get a screen showing MythTV AV Media Server 29.2... and a 
> message saying "Cannot login to database".
> I know the database is running as I've logged into it from the command 
> line. I've also checked that all my config.xml files have the right 
> password for the mythv user.
> The combined backend/frontend is running on Ubuntu 16.04. The remote 
> frontend is running on Ubuntu 18.04. I'm assuming that once I can get 
> the frrontend on the backend/frontend combo to connect this will solve 
> the issue for the remote frontend as well.
> Can anybody advise why the database connection won't work?
  You should be able to press enter to close the database connection 
error. Then you have a list of available backends (probably only one in 
the list). Arrow to the backend and press enter, and it should connect. 
If it is successful it will update config.xml and in future will 
automatically connect.


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