[mythtv-users] rPi3 - Linux ARM vs Android Build

David Engel david at istwok.net
Thu Sep 6 02:20:10 UTC 2018

On Wed, Sep 05, 2018 at 06:11:43PM -0500, Greg Oliver wrote:
> I have not seen any discussions about the different builds and if anyone
> has tried both on a Pi3.
> I had a project fall through, so I have several Pi3s to play with and
> rather than buying more Shields, was going to test the Android build on one
> and just wondered if anyone had experiences with it on the Pi.  I should be
> able to hook my Harmony Hub to it via BT and control it like a keyboard
> with no issue, but just wanted any feedback before I spent a few hours
> wasting my time :)

I have a Pi3b I've yet to try.  I bought it in March and then other
things happened and I haven't gotten back to it.

I'm sure Peter Bennett will chime in.  He's the primary maintainer for
the Pi.  Actually, he's the primary maintainer for almost everything
right now. :)

Anyway, according to Peter, the Pi3 works pretty well and even has
good to very good deinterlacing.  The main thing it doesn't have is
the ability to timestretch.  If you need that, you'll need to look
elsewhere.  Also, Peter hasn't said anything about it, but the limited
RAM might be a problem with elaborate themes.  If that's the case,
just use a simpler theme.

David Engel
david at istwok.net

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