[mythtv-users] Ubuntu, Auto start frontend on bootup

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Fri Mar 30 13:45:51 UTC 2018

On Fri, 30 Mar 2018 06:32:31 -0500, you wrote:

>On 03/30/2018 06:02 AM, Stephen Worthington wrote:
>> So your best bet to manually get mythfontend to autostart would
>> probably be to find the version of Gnome that Ubuntu 18.04 is using
>> and look up autostarting in its documentation.
>I wanted to keep the machine lean and hence dont have gnome installed. 
>There is a mention of using systemd to auto-login a user at
>https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Getty#With_systemd. Following that
>i modified getty at tty8 to include the login and started it. However, i get
># systemctl status getty at tty8
>? getty at tty8.service - Getty on tty8
>   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/getty at .service; enabled; vendor
>preset: enabled)
>  Drop-In: /etc/systemd/system/getty at tty8.service.d
>           ??override.conf
>   Active: failed (Result: start-limit-hit) since Fri 2018-03-30
>16:59:49 IST; 37s ago
>     Docs: man:agetty(8)
>           man:systemd-getty-generator(8)
>           http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/serial-console.html
>  Process: 8500 ExecStart=/usr/bin/agetty --autologin mythtv --noclear
>tty8 $TERM (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
> Main PID: 8500 (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
>Mar 30 16:59:49 tvbox systemd[1]: getty at tty8.service: Service has no
>hold-off time, scheduling restart.
>Mar 30 16:59:49 tvbox systemd[1]: getty at tty8.service: Scheduled restart
>job, restart counter is at 5.
>Mar 30 16:59:49 tvbox systemd[1]: Stopped Getty on tty8.
>Mar 30 16:59:49 tvbox systemd[1]: getty at tty8.service: Start request
>repeated too quickly.
>Mar 30 16:59:49 tvbox systemd[1]: getty at tty8.service: Failed with result
>Mar 30 16:59:49 tvbox systemd[1]: Failed to start Getty on tty8.
>I was wondering if i need to use tty1 instead of tty8?

So how lean and mean did you go - what desktop does the machine have?
The autologin and autostart are part of the GUI, so I doubt that
systemd is the right place to be looking at all.  Without delving into
its details to check, I think the autologin you have found for getty
is going to be an autologin for terminal sessions, not for things
running on the desktop.  It will likely happen long before X has
started up.

Autologin needs to happen when the desktop is prepared for it to
happen.  Autostart needs to happen when the autologin process has
finished and the startup of the desktop is complete.

I have heard of people trying to run mythfrontend without a GUI, but
the advice from the devs was that mythfrontend does need some of the
resources of lower layers of the GUI to work properly, for things such
as changing the desktop screen size and frame rates, so the best way
to run it with minimal resources is to use a low resource desktop,
such as XFCE or LXDE.  Since the MythTV packages on Ubuntu are set up
for a Mythbuntu environment, the easy way to get autostart working is
just to install XFCE as the desktop.

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