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On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 10:45 AM, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com<mailto:mtdean at thirdcontact.com>> wrote:
Good advice.  And, as I was trying to say in my post, at least try setting the audio output device to the HDMI on your nvidia card.  It may well work, even with the adapter you have.  (I definitely wasn't saying to get the one I got--only that it works for me even though many of the reviewers say it doesn't.)  A lot of manufacturers just flat out say audio won't work through their adapter so they don't have to explain the requirements for the circumstances where it will--that it will only work with certain DVI outputs, generally on certain video cards with certain video drivers, and a properly-configured system, and ...

Oh, and FWIW, the +5 vs +1 isn't important for the audio.  Those 4 pins you're "missing" are used for the analog side of the DVI-I (which you don't want to use)--they're Analog Red/Green/Blue/Horiz Sync.  Your 24 +1 is a DVI-D dual link connection, which is fine (you want the digital connection).  You just need to see if HDMI audio works through it, too.


Wish I'd seen this before I sent the passive DVI to HDMI adapter back.

I just tried the StarTech adapter and it was no good.  I never got to changing the audio settings because the video was awful -- ghosting and pixels with corrupted color vs. surrounding pixels (inverted?).

I'll send this back and try again with a passive connector.  After that, I'm ready to just pitch the whole thing and get another box, preferably small that I can just move my FE disk to (or clone an image to the appropriate device -- SSD or SD card or thumbdrive).  Recommendations for that would be welcome, too.  At the moment, I'd rather not pursue something like a Raspberry Pi, because I've got to get back to all the other jobs hanging about.  I've spend more time on this than I thought it would take, but then, when has anything I've done with MythTV been a quick job. ;-)


You should check that your GPU can actually handle this. As I understand it many older cards cannot output HDMI audio over DVI.
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