[mythtv-users] v0.28 and SystemEvents

Greg Oliver oliver.greg at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 05:28:49 UTC 2018

Long ago (a couple years back anyway :)

I used to use System Events (playback{start,stop,pause} to pop the
mythfrontend process into elevated cgroups while playing recordings.

With systemd, I just assign it and leave it nowadays.

I just tried to setup an event for RecordingFinished :

| EventCmdRecFinished  | /12TB/mythtv/mythlink.sh "%CHANID%" "%STARTTIME%"
| backend-0 |

I restarted the backend (and frontend since I provisioned it from there),
and it is not taking effect.

Before I deleted the playback events I used, my logs were full of the
events with no extra logging turned on.  I have not used them since 0.27
probably, but this is driving me nuts.

Anyone use these that could tell me I am doing something stupid somewhere?
I do not remember a tick box anywhere to turn them on or off (nor can I
find one)..  There is nothing logged at all post recording.


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