[mythtv-users] a new type of error

f-myth-users at media.mit.edu f-myth-users at media.mit.edu
Fri Mar 9 18:38:07 UTC 2018

I had two identical chassis which would display that sort of error only
under heavy simultaneous disk and network load.  I discovered this while
first installing them and doing lots of heavy disk copying to test their
operation.  Heavy disk activity alone, or heavy network activity alone,
was fine.  I put an Intel ethernet NIC in a PCIe slot and stopped using
the onboard network and the problem vanished.  My conclusion was that
the Realtek ethernet hardware and/or drivers were garbage.  This was
under Ubuntu 12.04, but I haven't tried verifying under newer OS's;
I just generally steer clear of onboard mobo ethernet if it's Realtek.

Did your machine take any sort of update recently that might have
changed its device drivers?  Alternately, you may have failing caps
on the motherboard somewhere that are leading to erratic operation,
possibly combined with high current draw---not necessarily overall
draw, but only in one subsystem of the board.  How old is this hardware?
Does a visual inspection show any bulging/leaking caps?  (This is not
sufficient---they may be bad but visually fine---but if they're bad
visually, you probably have an issue.)

Others have suggested PSU issues; if it's easy to replace, try it.
Otherwise, and if no software at all has changed, you might try testing
whether it's one of these "this plus that" load issues, as above, which
may ultimately require you to recap/replace your motherboard.  Again,
only if no software has changed in the interim---but you say you've
done some updating, so check stuff relevant to the OS and its drivers.
I don't suppose you can roll back in any way?

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