[mythtv-users] Who Moved my Cheese? (HDHomerun systenmd hassles revisited)

David Williams mythtv_david at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 4 19:03:41 UTC 2018

 I’m in the processof preparing for 0.29. In the MythTV arena I’ve discovered thingsgo more smoothly if I pilot and practice. I’ve set out to build aspare parts box and connect it to my two external tuners, load Ubuntu16.04.4 and Myth 0.28, record a few things and then update. Once I pilot the change I'll employ it on my main box. My basesystem is combined FE/BE with an SSD for software and a separate harddrive for storage. 
I thought I wasnever going to get past Ubuntu 14.04 because of the systemd issue. Itkinda reminded me of basic training all those years ago (I’m oldenough where I faced the draft) where I was the guy the TI describedas the doofus whose shoes looked like he shined them with a Hersheybar. So I’m kind of leery of posting at all thinking Airman Doofusmight be making a rookie mistake since I’ve always been and remainin awe of the knowledge on this board. 
Last time around Ieventually figured out how to make 0.28 work and the catalyst wasdiscovering and following Steven Worthington’s guide to a “T” . The Cheese metaphor refers to the fact that having thrice loadedUbuntu and Myth from scratch and following the guide letter forletter things don’t seem to work. 
Run these commandsas root or use sudo at the front: 

cd /etc/systemd/system
mkdir mythtv-backend.service.d 
chown root:rootmythtv-backend.service.d 
chmod a=rx,u+wmythtv-backend.service.d 
cd mythtv-backend.service.d 

Inthe new subdirectory you need to create your override file. It can
have any name as long as it ends with .conf. This will createan 
empty file for you to edit: 

chown root:rootmythtv-backend-override.conf 
chmod a=rwmythtv-backend-override.conf 

Now edit yourmythtv-backend-override.conf file and put in the 
overridesneeded to make mythbackendwait until the network is up. In 
Mythbuntu 16.04 if you havenot disabled Network Manager, then it can 
beused to tell when the network is up enough for external accesses to
work. For that, put these lines in yourmythtv-backend-override.conf 


Then runthis command (sudo or as root): 

systemctl enableNetworkManager-wait-online.service 

Then you should beable to reboot and have mythbackendwait until the 
network is up before it starts. 
What happens is I’mable to load FE and BE software just fine. However when I schedule ashow the recording light comes on briefly on either the ota or cablecard tuner and I receive the message “Single recording +0recording” just like on my primary box. However Watch Recordingdisplays show(s) selected but nothing seems to be saved and I get the0.00 GB message. IIRC this is where things went awry last time beforeI employed Steven’s corrections. 
I’m wondering ifI’m missing something and I would very much appreciate your help.
Dave (aka Airman Doofus)
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