[mythtv-users] pre/post roll not working even though multiple free tuners and multi-rec even with just two back to back

Mitch Capper mitch.capper at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 18:10:58 UTC 2018

Running into a problem that even though there are an abundance of tuners w/
multi rec for the same source at the same priority have pre/post roll
settings ignored if there back to back recordings.

Running v30-Pre-439-gb3fe5d4257-dirty looked through the more recent
commits but it doesn't seem there has been anything related to scheduling
of this in the last month.

I have a hdhomerun quad with each input set as having 2 extra virtual
tuners for multi-rec resulting in 12 tuners.  Looking at the capture card
table they all have equal recpriority(1),quicktune(2),livetvorder(1), and
reclimit(3),  The primary for each of the four has a schedule order of 2,
the virtuals are 0  and all attached to the same video source.   I have a
RecordPreRoll at 30 seconds and RecordOverTime at 161.   It only records
are 4 primary channels, and even when there are just two back to back
recordings it can ignore the pre/post rolls.

I was under the impression with multi-rec it was meant to specifically
handle situations like this (much less the fact there excess tuners

I updated the displayname to rename each virtual tuner to a diff display
name to try and verify it isn't using them.

I started mythbackend with -v schedule then scheduled something to record
right after something else on the same channel.  It picked the same tuner
to use even though none of the other 11 were in use.   The log does not
really show much about tuner selection.

If anyone has more direction great, otherwise I can start digging into the

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