[mythtv-users] Curious glitch

Mike Carron jmcarron at gmx.com
Mon Jun 18 20:12:17 UTC 2018

My system consisted of the MBE running on Mythbuntu (14.04) on a 
dedicated machine with ample cpu and ram, and frontends, also Mythbuntu, 
on Zotac ZBOX AD03s. All connec via wired network using a TPlink router 
and Cisco 3016 switch. All recording is done on the MBE and the FEs do 
not have direct access to the recording drives.

Over the last month or so there have been 3 or 4 instances where a 
recording will show blue on one FE but normal on all others. The problem 
is not confined to just one FE, each one has shown the sympton at least 

Frankly I have no idea how something like this can happen. All ideas 


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